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Discover 5 Tactics

Discover 5 Tactics That Drive New Business Leads

Being a business owner and developer of many businesses over many years, I have found the most critical element of developing a new business or growing an existing one is getting people to enter your establishment with the intention to buy from you. Using the internet today is an important part of this equation, it just happens to be the quickest and most inexpensive way of doing this, (If handled correctly).  Online marketing is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to make growth a reality.

Problems that many business owners have is they don’t know where to start or how to go about it efficiently. Because many of us are time poor, this causes frustration and uncertainty. It’s a mine field out there with all the types of online marketing methods. To enable you to get the best results out of the time you put in, I have chosen what I consider to be the top 5 Tactics to achieve this.

1. Online Presence – Website

One of the few places on the internet that a business owner has complete control over is a website. The ownership of a properly constructed website is the main area that you can showcase your product or service 24/7/365. It enables you to be in contact with potential prospects and existing clients via Text, Images, Video and information (Blog posts). The statics supplied via ‘AW Stats’ ‘Goggle Analytics’ and the like can help you when gauging how your website is performing or responding to offline campaigns. When Lead generating systems are applied it increases your visibility on the net to produce additional prospects. Your website is one of the many places where you can gauge the response received and know the actual ROI of particular advertising campaigns.

2. Local Search Engine Listings

There are many inexpensive areas on the internet where you can market your business and at the same time giving recognition and organic rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Places like:

Google Local, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, LinkedIn, and Twitter – along with many more, are great places to get listed, helping you to get ‘found’. Most of these Search Engines allow you to optimise the content of your listing, such as allowing complete Contact details, Images, links to additional resource centres or if you run events, to add details etc. When you claim the business you can include Photos of Key personnel, your business, opening hours, location, including service areas. The sites allow you to include this info for free.

3. Local Free Directories

Many business owners that I come across have no idea of the number of directories that are out there, without knowing that, these directories are only too willing to list your business for FREE, in return they offer a pro-version for your acceptance if so desired (not compulsory).

• Examples of these directories are: 
Google, Yelp, Four Square, True Local, Yellow Pages, Hot Frog, Start local, Aussie Webb, Womo to name a few.

It should be realised that different directories apply to different industries and locations. Basically they provide to varying extents the availability to add same information as the search engines in point 2.

Using Local Free directories ensures you will be found in a local search when browsing, at the same time building your online reputation and adding to your organic rankings.

4. Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Sites like Face Book, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are providing the business with the opportunity to place their products and services directly in front of their audience, while allowing direct interaction with their customers. This is the quickest and cheapest way to connect directly with your prospects including long lasting clients that have an interest in your brand. Through social media it’s possible to encourage your loyal customers to become advocates for your business through a reward system if they were to ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ your latest news with family and friends. Social media sites are a great way to manage your business reputation both positive and negative. It gives you a chance to expand on the positives and to correctly manage any negative things that could arise from time to time.

5. Retargeting

Retarget Marketing is a process

Display advertising is placed in front of prospects or clients that have previously searched for your product or service, either through your website or other searches on social media. There are two types of retargeting:

  1. Site Retargeting (those that visited your website and didn’t buy) or
  2. Search Retargeting (those that have clicked or partly followed through from a social media site)

Display ads will keep popping up as they continue to browse the web. It is known the consumers prefer to see ads that they are interested in rather than those that they aren’t.

Retargeting works best when the demographics of your customer are known:

Eg: If you have contacts on LinkedIn, they can be matched up with those that are also on Facebook. In effect if a person read a post from your business on LinkedIn and they were also a contact on Facebook, when that contact next went into Facebook they would see an ad pop up to the right of their newsfeed. This can often re-spark interest in the product or service that you have to offer.

Summing up if you aren’t using all of these as a part of your marketing strategy you are reducing your chances of having prospective clients walking through your doors.
To learn more about how these 5 Tactics will greatly enhance the growth of your business.

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