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    Posted on August 30, 2016 by in Tips

    Get High Quality Customers Easily

    Get High Quality Customers Easily

    What is a major concern and an obstacle for business owners today, is simply finding out how to get more customers coming into their business. Owners want good quality high paying people/ customers that are easy to work with and come back more often.

    Causes Usually Limited Knowledge                                                                                  

    I see it time and time again when dealing with businesses on a daily basis.    Many owners haven’t the knowledge in understanding the numbers behind the game   Knowing where to find the free information and how to read it is probably the biggest obstacle they are facing. 

    Several Owners that I have spoken with lately were blown away with the amount information that is available in “Facebook Insights” for example and that’s not the only place. They simply didn’t realise the quality and depth that is given within and its FREE. Imagine if you knew exactly who was looking at your posts, their age, sex, location and even to the extent when they clicked through to get further information and wait for it “what time of the day they did it”  

    If it was pointed out to you in a manner that was believable and easy to understand including real life situations, wouldn’t you think it would warrant further investigations?
    Here’s some of the shifts to make for example:-                     

    Happy Customer1 From your personal FB profile create a business page, (if you haven’t already done)

    Checkout the “Insights” page to see exactly what information that’s freely available.

    3 Then investigate an add campaign to understand how to target the audience   (your potential customers) you want to attract to tour business.

    4 Once having gathered sufficient information, apply it to your prospective customer remembering only you will know the person that is likely to by your product or service. It’s no good targeting people that live in a new housing estate if you are into roof restorations

    Key Points To Note  
                   Finding Customers

    A Knowing the type of person that’s likely to buy from you and

    B Where you can get in contact with them is essential

    C Having the right questions to ask yourself is equally important

    Do you think you may have difficulty in applying any or all of the above or haven’t the time? Feel free to call me for assistance, give us a call at a time that suits us both here at

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