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Are You Lost Online?

How To Improve Your Online Profile In 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how people see you when searching for you or your product online?
A great online presence is like the foundation of a house. If the footings don’t suit, you can’t build a two story home on them.  The engineering has to be right in all cases.

What Is It That’s Working?

If all your information is engineered correctly and congruent: ie all the same in Google, and Bing, you will be rewarded and placed freely on the first page of the search engines.
The reason why this works is that the Search Engines only want to satisfy you the browsing public, so that you have an enjoyable fast experience and you will always come back to them.
Google and the like will reward you if your information is true and correct by ranking you organically on page 1.  

How To Get Started:   

Before entering into any formal Search Engine Optimisation for your business, you need to conduct a survey to find out what is currently available and what and where has been previously recorded in all the different sources and places on the net.
If all the information that is being collected and freely available on the internet, about you and your business is not congruent, you could be spending more money on advertising eg: Google Adwords – that is unnecessary.
What if you found a way that would give you the same results, without spending any advertising money in 3 easy steps.

What You Need To Do Is:

  1. Search out your profile now
  2. Correct any discrepancies found
  3. Let Google and Bing know that you have corrected this information.

Then let me know how you went by commenting below.

Cheers Brian Killeen

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