Top 3 Passwords

Password Security

Where Do You Keep Your Passwords ?

  • Sticky Notes
  • Exercise Book
  • Little Black Book

Do you use the same password for all of your logins because its easier !!!
Your password is something like the following:

  • Your birthdayTop 25 Passwords
  • Your postcode
  • password
  • password123
  • 123456

All the above are highly fraught with security breaches.    Check out the latest Passwords (on right) that are easily Hackable – are yours there !!

So what are the best form of Passwords for your Online Presence?
Website Marketing First recommends the following:
User Name:   6-8 random digits – Unless this is automated eg: email address.
Password:     18 random digits, numbers and symbols

I can hear you now saying ‘How am I supposed to remember these’   That’s the beauty of a Password Keeper and generator – everything is automated.   The only password you need to remember is the ONE that you use to enter Dashlane and NO you don’t keep this in a notebook !!!!   This password needs to be difficult, but one that you will remember and its never shared with ANYBODY

So read on and see what Dashlane has to offer you for your peace of mind.

Never Forget Another Password!

Dashlane is the world’s best password manager & digital wallet, making identity and payments simple and safe.   Our apps on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS have helped over 3 million users manage and secure their digital identity.  Unfortunately Identity theft is increasing and the reality is that your Online Presence needs to be locked down like a vault.

Dashlane allows users to:

  • Secure password storage
  • Autologin on favorite websites
  • Generate and change passwords in seconds
  • Autofill forms across the internet
  • Make online shopping easy with saved credit cards and receipts in your digital wallet

Dashlane is critically-acclaimed by top press like The New York Times, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, & many more.    Let us know how we can help set you up for success!

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