Lorraine Mill – Hervey Bay Wellbeing Centre
They were extremely happy with the process of Video work that
Brian CEO of  Website Marketing First completed in their last campaign
Violet Whitaker – Happy Horses Heryey Bay
Congratulating Brian & Leonie on a job well done, including the speed in which the whole exercise was painlessly completed. Happy Horses is a website dedicated to EMRT for horses (Bowen Therapy Technique) showing the results obtained by Violet. www.happyhorsesherveybay.com.au
Dr Ross Perry – Veterinarian – Holistic bird specialist
One happy Client that agrees that Brian from Website Marketing first knows whst he is about
Rob Braddock CEO  of Dial A Driver Australia ™
for Brian and Leonie Killeen at Website Marketing First for continually  giving excellent service and the great job they are doing on presenting his website on the net

Scott Harding – Earthwise Sustainability